New Terrazzo Floors

R-613-4One of the most common statements and Frequently Asked Questions we hear is, “My new cement Terrazzo floor looks spotty and dull.  Why doesn’t my new Terrazzo floor have the sheen and luster like my neighbor’s?”  

We should first state that, yes, there will be a significant difference in the appearance between a new floor and one that aged over time.  Chances are, if this owner were to ask his neighbor this question, he would relate the same experience from when his floor was newly installed.

Terrazzo, like fine wine, gets better with age!  While your Terrazzo floor lacks the beauty you expected initially, you can rest assured that with the natural cure and the passing of time, your floor will soon have the luster and beauty that is Terrazzo’s trademark.

To further explain why this occurs, we offer the following information:  Moisture is added to the Terrazzo products in the composition, curing, grinding, grouting and polishing stages.  Structurally, with this much moisture, you can be assured of a quality installation, however, you can also expect the water to dissipate and escape through the finished surface.  Here again, however, it is necessary to retard this moisture evaporation.  Therefore, the Terrazzo must be sealed with a penetrating-type sealer.  This will further increase the time that it takes for the system to cure.  Each passing day, with normal maintenance, the aesthetics of your Terrazzo floor will increase.  Obviously, this requires your patience, but you can be assured that the results will be rewarding.


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