Pasadena Tournament of Roses

Tournament of Roses



Creative terrazzo design is one of our strengths at  At D’Palma Bros.  We are contacted by architects, contractors, designers and property owners regularly about creating new, custom terrazzo jobs.  Our craftsman are true artisans and experts in terrazzo design and development.  A great example of such work can be viewed here in the photo of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses logo. Kudos to our team for a job well done!

Louie's Italian Restaurant - Universal Studios - Universal City, CA

Louie’s Italian Restaurant
Universal Studios
Universal City, CA



A design created entirely from scratch is that of Louie’s Italian Restaurant, located at Universal Studios in Universal City, CA.  Our talented craftsman came up with a genuine “slice of beauty and ingenuity.” The innovative new design would quickly make this popular restaurant’s walkway fun and inviting, and the first thing you see when entering the establishment. Pretty cool, huh? We thought so, too! 


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