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R-620-4At D’Palma Bros. Composition Company, we offer top craftsmanship in the art of Terrazzo and Concrete Flooring.  For 55 years we have provided our customers with excellent flooring products, and professional customer service and support. We take personal pride in each job we perform.  D’Palma Bros. specializes in both New Creation and Restoration based projects as well as Specialty Terrazzo Projects for our clients with unique needs.

Terrazzo… A Hidden Treasure!  Have you ever removed an old carpet or maybe tore up some old vinyl seamless or tile flooring and discovered some colorful, dirty old cement mosaic flooring beneath it?  Rather than search for some material to recover this unsightly mess, you may very well be able to repair that dirty, stained, pitted or otherwise mangled Terrazzo flooring!

D’Palma Bros. specializes in refurbishing and repairing old terrazzo floors.  Southern California is filled with homes and buildings that installed terrazzo floors and walls during the original construction because terrazzo offered, and still does, a beautiful and durable flooring system.  Over the years and as architectural styles and trends changed, many of these floors were covered with carpet, tiles, hardwood floors or other flooring materials.  In recent years we have seen resurgence in the use of terrazzo as not only a beautiful marble flooring option sought by many designers and architects, but a long lasting resilient choice for both residential and commercial use.



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